How do you talk to friends, parents, and siblings about the dangers of distracted driving?

How can your student group utilize social media to educate your community about the real dangers of reckless and distracted driving?

Sponsored by NJM Insurance Group, the “Just Drive” Student :30 PSA & School Social Media Campaign Contest is an exciting opportunity for young people to promote safe driving among their peers, parents, and in their community.

Individual students aged 14-22 are eligible to win an educational grant of up to $5,000 by creating a 30-second PSA with a strong empowerment message.

High school teachers and/or advisors, working with a group of students, are eligible to win an educational grant for their school, up to $10,000, by creating a social media campaign to share with their school and the wider community.

Positive Community Norming. We encourage you to adopt the positive community norms framework when creating your masterpiece. This is an approach that amplifies the positive behaviors and beliefs of drivers and passengers that are already taking place within the community, rather than focusing solely on risky behaviors. For example, a positive community norms approach would state “94% of young people agree that passengers are a distraction while driving” rather than “We all drive distracted and it needs to stop.”

Expanding Messaging. We also encourage participants to go beyond addressing just phone-use; behind the wheel distractions include texting and talking on the phone, but also applying make-up, messing around with friends, adjusting the GPS or radio/shuffling the playlist, eating or drinking, or anything that takes your attention away from the task of driving!