Social Media Campaign About

Teachers and advisors, how would you utilize social media and your extraordinary students to educate your community about the very real dangers of reckless and distracted driving?

Sponsored by NJM Insurance Group, the “Just Drive” Social Media Campaign contest is an exciting opportunity for teachers and young people to promote safe driving in their community!

Show us what you can do! Supervised by a teacher or advisor, high school or college students will have the chance to develop critical thinking and rational problem-solving skills through conducting research, advancing technical and creative writing skills, and developing communication with peers and community members across multiple media platforms.

Positive Community Norming. We encourage you to adopt the positive community norms framework when creating your masterpiece. This is an approach that amplifies the positive behaviors and beliefs of drivers and passengers that are already taking place within the community, rather than focusing solely on risky behaviors. For example, a positive community norms approach would state “94% of young people agree that passengers are a distraction while driving” rather than “We all drive distracted and it needs to stop.”

Expanding Messaging. We also encourage participants to go beyond addressing just phone-use; behind the wheel distractions include texting and talking on the phone, but also applying make-up, messing around with friends, adjusting the GPS or radio/shuffling the playlist, eating or drinking, or anything that takes your attention away from the task of driving!

See below for the steps to enter:

  • Fill out the teacher/advisor application to determine your school’s eligibility for the contest
    • Application due October 22, 2021 by 5PM (ET)
  • Once approved, begin planning your campaign!
  • The campaign must consist of the following:
    • Press Release
    • Short Video
    • Social Media Campaign
  • Submit your video and press release to

Qualified entries are judged in two rounds:


  • Video and press release due by 5 PM (ET) on October 31, 2021.
  • Impact Teen Drivers will notify up to 10 school entrants (selected by the judges in round one, no later than November 1, 2021) who will be moving onto the final round.


  • Three (3) Distracted Driving Social Media Campaign Educational Grants will be awarded to the approved school on behalf of the winning teachers or advisors by a panel of qualified judges, whose decisions regarding the contest and related matters are final. Final round of judging will grade the campaign on the following rubric: 25% concept and creativity, 25% execution of the campaign, and 50% effectiveness of the message.