High School Social Media Campaign Registration

  1. Read all of the High School Social Media Campaign Award rules.
  2. Register your high school no later than April 8, 2022, 5 P.M. (ET). See the note for Early Birds below!
  3. Teachers or advisors will receive an email from Impact Teen Drivers to confirm eligibility for the contest within three business days of registration. If you do not receive an email confirming your registration within three business days, please email JustDrive@impactteendrivers.org.
  4. Start the campaign action planning process with your students. Your social media campaign must include:
    • Five original infographics, fliers, or posters that will be shared on the selected social media platforms of your choosing.
    • Five short PSAs, no more than 30 seconds, shared on social media platforms of your choosing (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).
    • Five items that would be considered social media content (e.g., original captions, photo frames, Tweets, Filters, GIFs, memes, etc).
    • One press release to share with a local news outlet or community information organization.
    • One highlight video, summarizing the social media campaign, the planning and creation process, and how the community was engaged. Check out two examples of winning highlight videos, Berea-Midpark High School and Polaris Career Center and Trumbull Career and Technical Center.
  1. Make sure your project meets ALL requirements for your category. Requirements are listed in the rules. Of course, you will have already read those once before reaching this step. Go ahead and reread the rules anyway! While extremely dangerous and highly illegal, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving is NOT the focus of this contest. Entries focused on drinking alcohol or using drugs and driving WILL NOT be accepted.
  1. Implement your campaign, including distributing your press release to a local news outlet or community information organization. Keep proof that your press release was shared.
  2. Email your video and press release by the contest closing date, April 28, 2022, at 5:00 P.M. (ET) to JustDrive@impactteendrivers.org.
Hey Early Birds! Register now to secure your spot in the first 25 schools and be eligible for the $500 Early Bird Incentive! The first 25 schools to register AND enter the Just Drive Social Media Campaign Contest can receive $500. That’s $250 when you register, and another $250 when your school submits the highlight video and press release. Consider an April launch to incorporate National Distracted Driving Awareness Month in your campaign. Submit your highlight video and press release anytime AFTER 5 P.M. (ET) on April 8 to receive your school’s final $250.

Things to Note About Using Statistics:

Feel free to use these statistics provided! If you decide to do some research on your own, please make sure you are using reputable sources! It can be tricky to separate the good stuff from the made-up numbers floating around the Internet. (Just an FYI: 11 teens do not die every day from texting and driving, but 11 teens do die every day from car crashes.)

  • 4,000 teens die annually in car crashes—that’s equivalent to 11 teens a day.
  • 75% of teen driving fatalities do not involve drugs or alcohol.
  • 94% of teens say they always buckle up in the car.
  • 50% of teen fatalities are passengers being driven by another teen driver.
  • 50% of teen fatalities were not wearing their seat belt at the time of the crash; 50% of those unbuckled teens would still be alive today had they chosen to wear their seat belt.
  • 84% of teens say they would speak up if the driver was texting.
  • 400,000 teens are seriously injured annually in car crashes.

Check the Infographics Below for a Few More Stats:

Download Infographics

For Your Social Media Campaign Videos:

Requirements include that your video must NOT include any footage of dangerous or reckless driving or driving that is in violation of Connecticut, Maryland, or Ohio Vehicle Code–or any Connecticut, Maryland, or Ohio law.

What are some examples that could get you DISQUALIFIED?

  • The driver is holding a phone in their hand or using a phone in any way while the car is moving.
  • The driver or any passengers do not have a seat belt on while the car is moving.
  • Being distracted while actually driving, such as putting on makeup, eating, or using a GPS.
  • Being reckless while actually driving, such as speeding, swerving, or racing.

The above list contains some but not all of the reckless and distracted driving choices that could get you disqualified. It does not matter if you are driving in the middle of nowhere, in a parking lot, or very, very slowly while demonstrating reckless and distracted driving. This contest aims to STOP the #1 killer of young people in America, not to encourage unsafe driving. Get creative. Be safe.