Be Prepared to Just Drive

Brailyn J



This video was produced by Brailyn Jesson and Kyra Wise. The Driver is played by Brailyn Jesson, and the Passenger is played by Briana Sternberg. Kyra Wise was the videographer throughout the entirety of the video. We wanted to include the distraction, multitasking, in a way other than using cell phones. While still incorporating technology within the GPS and showing the more distractions that come with newer car models. We wanted to express that drivers should be solely focused on driving and not multitasking. The human brain cannot focus on what is happening on the screen and the road at the same time. The GPS and other distractions should be dealt with before the car is moving; hence, Be Prepared to Just Drive. This video was taken on a Canon XA30 and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. The car crash sound effect and siren noise was royalty free from XFX SOUND EFFECTS. The model of the car is a 2019 Chevrolet Trax.