Student Award FAQS


Q: I’m not sure if I am eligible to enter this contest. Who is eligible?
A: Please visit Contest Rules to see who is eligible to enter this contest.

Website Registration and Entry Submission:

Q: How do I register? How do I upload/submit/send in my entry?
A: Information on how to register and upload your entry is available in the “How to Enter” section of the website. Important requirements and regulations are listed in the contest rules.

Q: Can I have a friend work on the entry with me?
A: Yes, you may collaborate on your entry! The entry needs to be registered under one name, and cannot be submitted again under the other name. If your entry is selected as a prize winner, the grant check will be made out to the registered person’s name and it will be up to the two of you to decide how to fairly split the award.

Q: My friend is doing the entry with me. Can the award be in both of our names?
A: If your group entry is selected for an award, the grant check will be made out to the name it was registered under. It would be up to you and your friend to split the award.

Q: Can I win more than one award? For example, can I be a top vote getter and a grand prize winner (or any other combination of grants)?
A: Yes! Top Online Vote Getter winners are solely determined by votes. Our panel of judges solely determines the Grand Prize winners. If you are a Top Vote Getter and are also chosen for an award from our panel of judges, you would be awarded both awards.

Q: Can I enter the same entry from last year/last contest?
A: No. Entries must be unique and original for every contest. Please use your previous entry as an inspiration to make something new.

Q: I am a teacher/counselor/educator/etc. My school’s firewall is blocking your site. How can we get our students to enter?
A: Please speak to your school’s IT expert. If you are still unable to access to the Just Drive website, we suggest you encourage students to enter at home or at the local library. If you are making this a required assignment or an extra credit project, ask the students to bring you their entry numbers. We would be happy to confirm that those students have entered, please contact us at

Q: I received a rejection email and want to re-submit a new entry/I made a spelling error and want to edit my entry.
A: Thanks for reaching out! Please send us an email with your entry number. Once received, we will remove your previous entry and email you that the old entry has been removed. At that time, you may log in to your Just Drive account and upload your new entry. Everything must be re-submitted before the end of the contest.

More Information on Reckless and Distracted Driving:

Q: I’m not sure I know enough information about reckless and distracted driving to discuss a solution or strategy to end it. Are there additional resources available to me?
A: Absolutely! Check out our evidence-based Interactive Education Modules. We have two available for you; What Do You Consider Lethal? and Are We Living in a Dream World? Scroll down to the bottom of this linked page to access the modules.

  1. Additional resources can be found on the following websites:

Q: What other resources are available if I’d like more information or inspiration?
A: We have a ton of free resources available for you. Check out this link to view our personal stories, and take our pledge. Also, check out this link for additional teen driver safety resources.


Q: It’s been 24-hours and I still don’t see my entry!
A: Here are a list of reasons why you may not see your entry

  1. If you have received an entry confirmation email and still do not see your entry, it has been rejected.
    • All rejected entries will receive an email explaining why it was rejected.
    • Here is a list of reasons why an entry could have been rejected:
      • Over emphasis on alcohol or drugs
      • Seatbelt was not worn in the video
      • Profanity
      • Off topic entry
  1. Did you receive an email confirming your entry was submitted and waiting to be reviewed?
    • If you got an email confirming your entry was submitted successfully, it is still pending review by a Just Drive team member. Thanks for your patience!
    • If not- please contact us at There may have been issues with your entry being uploaded.

Voting/Bonus Votes:

Q: What is online voting?
A: Online voting is a chance for your parents, friends, and family to vote on your entry. The top online vote winner will receive $2,000, the second top vote getter will receive $1,500 and the third will receive $500.

Q: When is the online voting period?
A: The voting period will open on November 1, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. ET through November 7, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. ET through. During this time, you may register on our website and validate your email to vote for your favorite entry.

Q: Can I vote more than once?
A: Each person may vote up to 10 times per day. You may choose to use all of your votes on one entry, or share the love by voting for several entries.

Q: I don’t see my entry on the first page! Please help! I want my friends to vote for me!
A: Make it easy for people to find you by sharing your unique URL via social media or email. The unique URL is #### is where you insert your four-digit entry number. For example, if Suzy SafeDriver’s entry number is 0001, then her unique URL is

Parents, Friends, and Family

Q: How do I vote for my child/family member/ friend?
A: During the online voting period, (April 15-22, 2021) first register on our website during the online voting. Please add to your email address book to ensure the registration verification email gets to your inbox and not your spam folder.

Q: My daughter/son/grandson/granddaughter entered and they asked me to vote. How do I do that?
A: Any interested voter must first register on our website, You will then receive a verification email which is sent to your email your registered with. Click on the link to activate your account. Please add to your email address book to ensure the registration verification email is sent to your inbox and not your spam folder. You must then click on the link in that email in order to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you may vote.

Q: My daughter/son/grandson/granddaughter entered and I can’t find their entry to vote for them! Please help!
A: The easiest way to vote: Ask the person you want to vote for to send you their unique website link or their entry number. The pattern for a unique website link is, with #### being their entry number. Their unique website link takes you directly to their entry so you can vote for them!